Warm Up Your Winter with Pokémon Center’s Newest Holiday Collection!

Hey there, Pokémon enthusiasts! As the first snowflakes touch down and the aroma of pine fills the air, we’ve got some exciting tidings to share. Ready to sprinkle a bit of Pokémon magic into your holiday season? Well, The Pokémon Company International has our backs!

Beginning this Wednesday, the Pokémon Center, our go-to online hub for all things Pokémon, will unwrap a brand-new festive merchandise collection that’s bound to make every Trainer’s heart jingle with joy. From the U.S., Canada, to the U.K., Trainers worldwide can revel in the holiday cheer!

What’s on the Festive Menu? 🎁

  1. Cosy Apparel & Accessories: Ever dreamt of rocking a Pikachu-themed beanie or snuggling in a Munchlax scarf? Say no more! Dive into holiday knits, pajamas radiating warm heritage patterns, and cabincore designs that ensure you’re not only fashionable but also toasty this winter.
  2. Home Décor Delights: Unveil the magic of the season with ornaments, figures, and snow globes highlighting our beloved Pikachu, Munchlax, Teddiursa, and many more. It’s all about those gingerbread houses and festive cookies vibes.
  3. Kitchenware Galore: Speaking of cookies, why not whip some up with premium kitchenware featuring Pikachu, Munchlax, and the delightful Slurpuff? Raise your cups (and maybe a Pokémon-themed mug) to holiday feasts and merry-making!
  4. Cuddle Companions: This Friday, prepare for an overload of cuteness. A new plush line will be launched, complete with plush keychains. And guess what? They’re showcasing fan-favorite Pokémon in the jolliest holiday attire, including the newcomers from the Paldea region.

Ready to deck your halls (and wardrobes) with Pokémon goodies? For a complete look at what’s in store and to get your hands on these festive finds, hop over to PokemonCenter.com this Wednesday. Here’s to a Pokémon-filled holiday season! 🎉🔥

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