Pokémon Card Game ‘Scarlet & Violet’ Gym Promo Packs!

The Pokémon universe is expanding once again! On October 27th, Pokémon card enthusiasts and collectors can look forward to the release of the fourth promo card pack from the ‘Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet’ series, available at Pokémon Card Gyms nationwide.

What is the Promo Card Pack?

For those unfamiliar, these promo card packs are given to participants of Gym Battles and New Expansion Battles held at Pokémon Card Gyms across the country. When you participate or secure a victory, you’re rewarded with a pack. Each pack contains a random promo card, and if luck is on your side, you might even pull a powerful Pokémon ex or a Trainer’s card.

Cards Featured in the Fourth Promo Pack:

The fourth installment in the ‘Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet’ promo series features a total of seven unique cards, and each pack will contain one of these at random. Some highlights include:

Garganacl ex: Making its debut as a Pokémon ex card, Garganacl is sure to be a powerhouse in any deck. It features an attack, ‘Block Hammer’, which not only deals damage to the opponent but also reduces the damage Garganacl takes in the opponent’s next turn by 60. Additionally, its high HP and its ‘Salty Body’ ability, which prevents it from getting affected by special conditions, make Garganacl a formidable player on the field.

Raifort: The esteemed Professor Raifort enters the Pokémon Card Game. This unique card allows players to view the top five cards of their deck, and either trash unwanted cards or set aside cards they’d like to save for later. It’s a strategic card that lets players manipulate their future draws.

Other cards

How to Get Your Hands on the Fourth Promo Pack:

By participating in Gym Battles or New Expansion Battles, players can earn:

  • One pack as a participation prize
  • Up to three packs for top placements
  • Three packs for winning the Gym Battle Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament

So, make sure to visit your local Pokémon Card Gym and participate in either Gym Battles or New Expansion Battles to add these exciting new cards to your collection!

What are Gym Battles and New Expansion Battles?

Both are competitive events held at Pokémon Card Gyms:

  • Gym Battles: These battles are held in various formats depending on the specific Pokémon Card Gym.
  • New Expansion Battles: These battles follow standard regulations where players are required to have a minimum of four Pokémon from the latest expansion pack or enhancement expansion pack in their deck. For battles after October 27th, the cards from the expansion packs ‘Ancient Roar’ and ‘Flash of the Future’ are eligible.

In addition to the promo card packs, those who secure the first place in tournaments or win the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament will receive a shimmering card adorned with the Pokémon Card Gym logo.

For more details, check the official announcement on the Pokémon Card website.

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